Katherine Wibell

Katharine Wibell, an artist currently living in New Orleans, actively pursues her interest in several unusual styles of art—pointillism, stippling, and reverse glass painting. Several years ago, Wibell, a recent graduate of both Mercer University’s Fine Art and Psychology programs, became interested in stippling and pointillism. The mind’s tendency to organize individual points into an identifiable image intrigued her. Wibell derives ideas and inspiration through the people she meets and the artistic styles she encounters. As a result, her pieces are constantly evolving. Yet, one core aspect remains the same— her fascination with the dot. “The concept that every painting, drawing or sketch begins when the pen, pencil or brush first makes contact with the surface is very powerful. That initial mark made in that brief moment is the genesis for what is to come,” states Wibell. “This body of work emerged from the inspiration that the smallest of marks can lead to an amazing image. The simple dot, an element of art usually dismissed, can form elegant, fierce, and inspiring pieces— the power of the minute in the face of the infinite.” A new facet appearing in her work is the method of reverse glass painting. The challenge of painting mages in a way that is totally opposite from what one typically thinks thrills her. Through this form of art, Wibell has begun to branch into large scale pieces. Wibell’s work varies subject matter and mediums dependent upon which of her wide range of interests she wants to explore. For example, animals in the wild are often featured as Wibell has been a Georgia state licensed wildlife rehabilitator; however, she also enjoys taking commissions for beloved family pets. Wibell’s work has been shown at Zelé, Palmer Park Art Market and RAW Artists in New Orleans, Antiques and Art on First in Slidell, Louisiana, Hardman Hall Gallery in Macon, Georgia, the Plaza Arts Center in Eatonton, Morgan County Cultural Center, Perk Avenue, and Town 220 Restaurant and Gallery in Madison, Georgia. With two solo shows under her belt, Wibell is thrilled at becoming recognized for her chosen style. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and has taught reverse glass painting at the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art in Buckhead, Georgia.