Betsy Meyers-Green: Jewelry

Betsy has been collecting treasures since the age of four. From the shores of Lake Huron during her family’s summer vacations, to travels throughout the US and near her current home in Louisiana she has gathered unique stones, pearls, shells and even unusual found objects such as mah jong tiles and old cameos. Betsy’s love of all things artful, combined with her continued obsession for collecting objects, led to full time studies at several art schools. She received her BFA in metalsmithing and jewelry making and a minor in weaving from the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Today Betsy creates one of a kind wearable art employing sterling silver, 14K and 18K gold along with natural quartz, gemstones and treasured found objects from her personal collection. Says Betsy: “I try to evoke a sense of joy while complimenting and enhancing the human body. It’s hard to let so many of my creations go because each unique piece embodies a bit of my own personal history.”