Michael Preble: Photography

Joining RHINO signals my return to New Orleans, which I always considered my hometown. After earning a degree in Art History from Cornell University, I balanced a career in curatorship with a modest effort in photography. I took a break and joined a travel magazine publisher as Editor, and my travels throughout the Caribbean and the Miami environs energized my photography. Light and color dominated my images while working on composition. When I retired and moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas, and my photos shifted to imagery that went beyond the visual scene. The result gave way to imagination, and the play with the computer became an exercise in improvisation. My original photographs are in signed, limited editions. Some are unmanipulated, while others have been transformed through digital enhancement of hue, line and composition. I have an eye for the unexpected and weird, as well as pattern, asymmetry, and heightened color. For inspiration, I look to impressionist and classical art from around the world.