Michele Benson Huck: Ceramics

I make pots for people to use. The greatest compliment I can receive is that my pots are used every day and that they are a pleasure to use. Conversely the greatest insult is when people buy my work, put it on a shelf, and never touch it. I have worked for many years to make pots that are comfortable in peoples’ hands, poSince I first touched clay I knew it was my medium. I am enchanted by its simultaneous strength and fragility, as well as by its incredible versatility. I studied ceramics at Tulane University in 1994-95, then apprenticed with a Master Potter in South Carolina in 1996. I’ve had my own studio ever since. I work in mid-range stoneware, throwing and hand-building to create functional work. I mix my own glazes from recipes I’ve developed. All of my pots are non-toxic and are microwave and dishwasher safe. I sell my work at a variety of venues including Arts Market New Orleans, Covington Three Rivers Art Festival, Blues & BBQ and New World Rhythm Festivals (Jazz and Heritage Foundation Shows), Spring and Fall Garden Shows at City Park Botanical Garden, Bayou Boogaloo (Norfolk, VA). I’ve had work included in the Ogden Museum’s show The Art of the Cup for three years. I’m a member of the Louisiana Crafts Guild and a new member of RHINO Contemporary Crafts Gallery.ts that are a joy to have in their homes and on their tables. I strive to make work that combines utility with beauty. From the moment I first touched clay over twenty years ago, I knew it was my medium. It is a delight to work with a substance that is so flexible in its wet state, and is so durable when it is fired. I work with stoneware clay, mix my own glazes and fire in mid-range oxidation.